If you are looking for the best self-test audition services in Adelaide or South Australia we welcome you to Ovation.

Ovation’s professional screen test service come highly recommended from industry professionals including Australia’s top casting directors and agents.

Self-tests auditions for Australian actors are on the rise. Times have certainly changed over the last 10 years. An actor no longer needs to travel to America to do a pilot season stretch.

Most top Australian agents receive all the pilot briefs from American casting agents. This gives Australian actors the chance to audition for exciting TV shows and films made in the US on a more frequent basis.

At Ovation we conduct a large number of American pilot, movie, television or national or international self-test auditions.

Once we have seen an actor in our studio the self-test is sent off within moments to the client or agency. The benefits of filming a self-test audition at Ovation for the actor are:

  • You are in a professional studio environment which can help to contribute to a better performance.
  • You have a full hour allocated to perfect your scene (if needed) which means that you have time to warm-up as opposed to being thrown into a room with a casting director for a 15 minute audition.
  • You get to work the scene with a professional actor before putting it down on camera, you are also provided with feedback from actors with extensive experience in acting coaching for film and television.
  • We can provide both male and female readers for your audition. Our readers are trained in American Accent.
  • You leave the audition having recorded a polished performance.
  • Your self-test is professionally edited by our in-house editing team.
  • Both you and your agent/ the client have access to an electronic copy of the audition.
  • We can also provide private tuition for those who would like to work their scene/character or accent prior to conducting a self-test. $80 per hour.

Since opening this service we have had many actors come in to self-test for incredible TV and film opportunities. Many of those actors have won or come close to winning the roles or coming very close. We look forward to seeing you soon with your self-test.

Contact us if you have multiple scenes and feel you may require longer. To book call 0416011643 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!

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