Kristi Lee Kalendra

Ovation CPA Kristi-Lee KalendraKristi-Lee Kalendra

School Director, Training Coordinator and Lecturer

Kristi-Lee Kalendra is Ovation’s leading training co-ordinator and for almost a decade has been involved or had extended interests in the performing arts and modelling industry, working and teaching for several different agencies and promotion companies.

With extensive training on all aspects of the entertainment industry and make-up Kristi-Lee’s work can be seen all over South Australia and nationally. With her extensive knowledge of business she has had the fortune to work in many different capacities as an artist, event co-ordinator, training co-ordinator, lecturer, manager and business developing manger for film, television and print, Photographic Studio’s Fashion parades, Fashion shoots, Commercial photo shoots, TV Commercials and Documentaries.

Kristi-Lee’s work has also appeared regularly on the front page of the Advertiser and much read columns, Indulge and fashion scene. Further, she has been a make-up artist for local films and on acclaimed television shows such as McLeods Daughter’s. During this time Kristi-lee began to diversify into corporate training, and a variety of personal and team development services.

At Ovation Kristi-Lee provides professional development for all our teaching artists, as well as making connections with professional teacher associations, and education authorities, principals, teachers and educators across South Australia and helps to bring our Ovation services to student’s state wide. She also maintains Ovation’s dynamic programs, as well as developing and maintaining our resource materials and resource centre here at Ovation.

She has worked for the past 9 years as a professional make-up, and styling artist in the entertainment industry. With extensive training on all aspects of professional make up, Kristi-lee has worked consistently and her work can be seen all over South Australia and nationally. With extensive knowledge in make-up film, television and print, Kristi-lee always makes sure her clients work knowing they look their very best. She has worked for international companies such as Max Factor, and other businesses such as C Coffee, The Advertiser, National Pharmacies, Gerard McCabe jewellers, Carl Zeiss Lenses, RAA, Radio Rentals, just to name a few.

Apart from her commercial work, Kristi-lee also tutors fashion, make-up, hair and skin care at the highly respectable South Australian Modelling Agency, and teaches students that “Beauty comes from within and with the correct use of make up application we can take that beauty and portray an image to the world of confidence and self appreciation!”

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Our campuses are all tailored to performing arts training and we have many facilities throughout SA through our venue partnerships.

In Adelaide we collaborate with East Adelaide School a unique learning and cultural precinct, 4km from the CBD and Hallett Cove South Primary School situated in a historic coastal location in the South.

Regionally we run our celebrated programs from Mount Gambier High School’s distinguished Performing Arts suite.

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