A word from the Director

I Love the Performing Arts.

It offers something that no other art form provides; presence.

The Performing Arts has remarkable presence. Its intimacy and emotional honesty can transport us to a different place and change how we view ourselves and our place in the world. I believe that a world that understands itself is more just, more tolerant, more compassionate and more peaceful.

At Ovation our performing arts curriculum has the same presence and is designed to bring out the best in every person we serve, whether it’s in our classrooms with students, or to work with parents and the wider community to provide educational options and a program which develops student’s creative abilities which will benefit them throughout life.

Ovation is committed to the enrichment of the arts and education of children, youth and adults, in a professional environment that stimulates artistic excellence and personal growth. We are excited about our new centres throughout South Australia and we will continue to enhance the quality of education and provide true opportunities for students in SA while keeping our programs practical and affordable.

Teaching gives me a great sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and pride. When working with a group of students over a period of time I feel immense joy from seeing the successful transformation of a group of young people with raw talent and desire into a collection of adults with experience and discipline. I love teaching because it allows me the opportunity to transform the world, if only just for a little, for a student, for you, for me.

At Ovation we are an ensemble united in a collaborative approach to theatre and education. Everyone who makes up Ovation Centre of Performing Arts including our Teaching Artists, Directors, Administrators, Lecturers and Theatre Professionals, collectively strive to provide you with an Arts program that goes beyond your expectations of what education can be.

In this PDF, you will find out more about the company, and uncover some of our current programs that are on offer, meet our team, along with discovering an array of exciting possibilities and our application form, so come with us on our journey and adventures through learning.

Please explore and enjoy!

Jamie Harding

Artistic Director Ovation Centre of Performing Arts

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