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Our campuses are all tailored to performing arts training and we have many facilities throughout SA through our venue partnerships.

In Adelaide we collaborate with East Adelaide School a unique learning and cultural precinct, 4km from the CBD and Hallett Cove South Primary School situated in a historic coastal location in the South.

Regionally we run our celebrated programs from Mount Gambier High School’s distinguished Performing Arts suite. 

Click on a venue name to see the address and age categories that run there.

St. Peters

Adelaide East Primary School
57/59 Third Ave St Peters SA 5069
Ages: 5 to Adult years

Hallett Cove

Hallett Cove South Primary School
Livonia St, Hallett Cove SA 5158
Ages: 5 to 18 years

Mount Gambier

Brownes Rd
Mount Gambier SA 5290
Ages: 5 to Adult years


Thorndon Park Primary School
71 Stradbroke Road, Athelstone SA 5076
Ages: 5 to 18 years

Adelaide CBD

Hyperdance Studios
Level 2, 167 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000
Ages: 5 to 14 years

At Ovation Centre of Performing Arts we are committed to child safety and wellbeing that nourishes the artistic and cultural lives of South Australian children, young people and adults.

The following Ovation policies and procedures are available for download:

  • Child Safe Environment Policy (Child Safe Environment Procedure)
  • Employee Clearance for Working with Children Policy (Employee Clearance for Working with Children Procedure)
  • Privacy Policy
  • Accident, Incident and Injury Policy

Ovation is actively developing additional policies and procedures, as required. Policies and procedures created by Ovation management are reviewed on a regular basis.

For queries in regards to Ovation Centre of Performing Arts policies, procedures and guidelines, please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 0416011643.

Ovation CPA Kristi-Lee KalendraKristi-Lee Kalendra

School Director, Training Coordinator and Lecturer

Kristi-Lee Kalendra is Ovation’s leading training co-ordinator and for almost a decade has been involved or had extended interests in the performing arts and modelling industry, working and teaching for several different agencies and promotion companies.

With extensive training on all aspects of the entertainment industry and make-up Kristi-Lee’s work can be seen all over South Australia and nationally. With her extensive knowledge of business she has had the fortune to work in many different capacities as an artist, event co-ordinator, training co-ordinator, lecturer, manager and business developing manger for film, television and print, Photographic Studio’s Fashion parades, Fashion shoots, Commercial photo shoots, TV Commercials and Documentaries.

Kristi-Lee’s work has also appeared regularly on the front page of the Advertiser and much read columns, Indulge and fashion scene. Further, she has been a make-up artist for local films and on acclaimed television shows such as McLeods Daughter’s. During this time Kristi-lee began to diversify into corporate training, and a variety of personal and team development services.

At Ovation Kristi-Lee provides professional development for all our teaching artists, as well as making connections with professional teacher associations, and education authorities, principals, teachers and educators across South Australia and helps to bring our Ovation services to student’s state wide. She also maintains Ovation’s dynamic programs, as well as developing and maintaining our resource materials and resource centre here at Ovation.

She has worked for the past 9 years as a professional make-up, and styling artist in the entertainment industry. With extensive training on all aspects of professional make up, Kristi-lee has worked consistently and her work can be seen all over South Australia and nationally. With extensive knowledge in make-up film, television and print, Kristi-lee always makes sure her clients work knowing they look their very best. She has worked for international companies such as Max Factor, and other businesses such as C Coffee, The Advertiser, National Pharmacies, Gerard McCabe jewellers, Carl Zeiss Lenses, RAA, Radio Rentals, just to name a few.

Apart from her commercial work, Kristi-lee also tutors fashion, make-up, hair and skin care at the highly respectable South Australian Modelling Agency, and teaches students that “Beauty comes from within and with the correct use of make up application we can take that beauty and portray an image to the world of confidence and self appreciation!”

Ovation CPA Jamie HardingJAMIE HARDING
Artistic Director and Head of Acting

Jamie Harding has a long history of teaching performing arts and tours constantly throughout Australia. He works in Sydney teaching for NIDA, Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art, which is world renowned for its global and national excellence in actor training and he has taught an array of specialised classes in theatre, film, television and stand-up comedy.

He has also worked for many of Australia’s top corporate training programs including State Theatre Company’s Corporate sector. As an actor Jamie started his career playing Claudio in Main Street Theatre's production of Much Ado About Nothing, and since graduating from Flinders University Drama Centre has appeared as an actor and stand-up comedian in television, theatre and radio, nationally and internationally and featured in many of Australia's major performing arts Festivals.

He won the Advertiser Best Actor award in 2008 for his role of “Cripple Billy” in State Theatre Company's production of The Cripple Of Inishmaan, he also featured in State Theatre's production of The Real Thing, Brink Productions Gorge in 09, Reason 42, Edmond, and in Come Out’s, The Yum Yum Room, just to name a few. Television credits include acting opposite Logie nominated Victoria Thaine, Rachel Ward, and Gary Sweet in ABC series Rain Shadow, and he has also played Simmo on the hit television show McLeod's Daughters, and won best Actor at the South Australian Screen Awards for the Film Sacrifice.

Jamie has also been involved in the media and comedy industry as a writer, and stand-up comedian all of his working life. He has worked many of Australia's famous comedy clubs including Sydney's Comedy Store at Fox Studio's, Ballina's The Big Gig, Melbourne's Last Laugh , he famously "out chased" the notorious Chaser boys from ABC hilarious television show The Chaser's War on Everything and is in constant demand as a corporate comedian.

Jamie is currently following in the footsteps of Carl Barron and Judith Lucy, to open for Bob Downe, one of Australia's most loved comic creations (created by Mark Trevorrow) in Sydney's most prestigious venues and developing a strong fan base of his own snagging a place in this year’s Celebrity Comedy Debate working alongside Australia's top comedians.

FAQ - Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Are your Teaching Artists security/safety checked?

Yes. All our employees are screened according to the Child Protection Act, and in accordance with the State Education Department’s policy on screening visitors. At Ovation we also make sure all lecturers and employees have relevant police checks.

Do you have current public Liability Insurance?

Yes. Our Public Liability Insurance complies with requirements of all States and Territories.

Will your staff wear a photo identification card?

Yes. All our employees have been instructed to comply with the Departmental Code of Conduct just like all schools. This includes signing in at the Head Office when they arrive, signing out when they leave and wearing their Ovation photo ID whilst on school grounds.

How long are your workshops and programmes?

We have a mix of programmes and all programmes are designed to fit the structure of current school terms, we also have a range of workshops or specialised programs that run throughout the year. Typically classes run for two hours once a week. If you have any more questions or queries about any of our performing arts programs please contact Ovation on 0416011643

How are classes filled?

We fill classes by a first come first serve basis, and some of our specialised programs and workshops require participants to audition. Those who are successful in their audition will be offered a space and notified.

When will we find out which class we have been accepted into?

We will mail out letters as soon as we process your request. If a class does not have sufficient enrolment after the deadline, we will inform you. Also if a class you want is sold out, we will try to schedule another section if we have an available space.

Do you keep my contact and booking details private?

Yes. All aspects of your booking are complaint with the Privacy Act. We will not disclose, transfer or enable access to your information.

How do I book?

There are three easy ways you can book with Ovation:

  1. Complete your Application for Admission Form (download using the link on the sidebar)

  2. Email your enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  3. Phone us on 0416011643

Our office is open from 9am to 5pm weekdays, and we will make the whole booking process incredibly smooth and as easy as possible for you. If you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us 0416 011 643 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ovation CPA About Us

Ovation specialises in performing arts programmes. We believe that all students should have regular access to educational theatre and drama in their schooling, and have to opportunity to be taught by well-trained theatre and drama specialists. Therefore we are committed to fostering a bright and dynamic future for all pre-school, junior, senior, special needs students and adult’s state wide with the opportunity to obtain first hand access to an array of inclusive courses and quality performing arts training, along with access to workshops, seminars and artists in residence programmes.

We believe that theatre is a lens through which to see and understand the world and understand ourselves in the world. Theatre requires us to engage with our brains, our bodies, our imaginations and our voices.

Through Ovation we will nurture and support future artists, create professional learning opportunities and maintain personal and educational progress for students and professional development.

We believe our core curriculum offers:

  1. A large range of new drama programmes and drama activities allowing students to access a creative hub of expertise and experts from the industry
  2. An Education Resource – available for all students to access an array of different practices of educational drama

At Ovation our Programmes are designed for adults, special needs, secondary, primary and pre-school students and each encompass a huge body of specialized drama which we believe helps to:

  • empower students
  • show students the fun in learning to learn
  • build students Interpersonal, intercultural and social competences, civic competence
  • increase energy and enthusiasm
  • improve student’s literacy
  • promote active listening, conversation and social skills
  • stimulate creativity and concentration
  • provide a solid platform for success in the performing arts
  • build student’s confidence
  • strive for artistic excellence
  • provide a fun, creative and safe learning environment
  • Social inclusion, equal access and a sense of community.

Ovation Centre of Performing Arts responds to a definite need in the profession for performers to be technically well-equipped and versatile, as well as creatively inspired and gives close personal attention to each student’s development and goals.

Standards of Achievement and Evaluation

Each student committed to our Performing Arts program engages in a rigorous course of study with required classes in voice, movement and acting.

The curriculum also includes more specific skills, including mask work, stage combat, dialects, comedy techniques, singing, musical theatre and many more! The schedule for each class includes class work relevant to students group and individual progress.

A full schedule of workshops and major productions provides vital performing experience. In Production term students maybe required for extra rehearsals and dedication to the project is essential.

Every Year students are also invited at the recommendation of Ovation to participate and Audition for our Advanced Programs for professional skill based classes, and opportunities for our high achieving students. All Students also receive progress reports and we also run parent teacher nights so parents can track the progress of their child.

Every student will also receive certificates for each successfully completed component. Students are evaluated each term by our faculty and informed of their progress. Students are encouraged to discuss with any of their lecturers, at any time, problems and progress in their work.

Admission to our Advanced Programs

Students are admitted to this program via audition and interview. Audition applicants should prepare a monologue no longer than 3 minutes in length.

It is recommended that students avoid character voices and foreign dialects, but focus on using their own voice and dialect. Dress appropriately for a rehearsal situation. Costumes and props are unnecessary.

Continuance in the Program

Students are invited to continue in the program by Ovation Centre of Performing Arts as long as they demonstrate growth towards artistic excellence.

Ovation reserves the right to dismiss from the program without probation or an official letter of warning any student whose social or professional behaviour prevents the schools classes and rehearsal from proceeding in a creative and productive fashion, and interferes with the training of other students.

Ovation has developed a program which is designed to provide full, rounded and highly professional education in performance training.

I Love the Performing Arts.

It offers something that no other art form provides; presence.

The Performing Arts has remarkable presence. Its intimacy and emotional honesty can transport us to a different place and change how we view ourselves and our place in the world. I believe that a world that understands itself is more just, more tolerant, more compassionate and more peaceful.

At Ovation our performing arts curriculum has the same presence and is designed to bring out the best in every person we serve, whether it’s in our classrooms with students, or to work with parents and the wider community to provide educational options and a program which develops student’s creative abilities which will benefit them throughout life.

Ovation is committed to the enrichment of the arts and education of children, youth and adults, in a professional environment that stimulates artistic excellence and personal growth. We are excited about our new centres throughout South Australia and we will continue to enhance the quality of education and provide true opportunities for students in SA while keeping our programs practical and affordable.

Teaching gives me a great sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and pride. When working with a group of students over a period of time I feel immense joy from seeing the successful transformation of a group of young people with raw talent and desire into a collection of adults with experience and discipline. I love teaching because it allows me the opportunity to transform the world, if only just for a little, for a student, for you, for me.

At Ovation we are an ensemble united in a collaborative approach to theatre and education. Everyone who makes up Ovation Centre of Performing Arts including our Teaching Artists, Directors, Administrators, Lecturers and Theatre Professionals, collectively strive to provide you with an Arts program that goes beyond your expectations of what education can be.

In this PDF, you will find out more about the company, and uncover some of our current programs that are on offer, meet our team, along with discovering an array of exciting possibilities and our application form, so come with us on our journey and adventures through learning.

Please explore and enjoy!

Jamie Harding

Artistic Director Ovation Centre of Performing Arts



  1. Enrolment is essential to guarantee a place in our classes and programs.
  2. Enrolment is essential to meet our duty of care.
  3. Payment is required BEFORE commencement of the first class, unless a prior negotiated payment plan.
  4. Receipts are available upon payment from the office or via post.
  5. Precedence is given to those who enrol and pay first
  6. Enrolment fees are non-refundable once term has started.
  7. Non-completion of course still incurs full fees.
  8. To maintain a high level of service we would appreciate any feed back to administration.
  9. We cannot guarantee a student will achieve unless the student wants to achieve.
  10. We cannot guarantee performance employment.
  11. Classes or workshop maybe cancelled if minimum numbers are not met.
  12. Please notify us if you are running late or unable to attend a workshop.
  13. We don’t wish financial hardship to occur for any of our students so please talk to an administrator at the school if you’re having trouble with payment.
  14. Please arrive and depart promptly. If members are not picked up within 15 minutes of a class finishing, you will be charged $40 an hour, or part there of, to cover tutor’s time.
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