Private Tuition

Do you have an audition coming up? Are you seeking direction or struggling to better your performance? Do you need to upgrade your skills?

“Jamie has a great eye for detail and knows exactly what he wants out of a performer. I needed a tutor to help me with my audition to get into a screen acting tour in Los Angeles. He had a great vision for my scene, and within just a couple of hours, my piece transformed. I am so thankful to have had the experience of working with him. I learnt so much in the little time we had together. I would recommend him to any performer seeking great direction and looking to better there performance.” 

Beau Paley - Private Tuition student - Accepted into the Young Actors Space in LA in 2012 and is now working for the Atlantic Theatre Company New York City.

Private tuition is a great way to get one on one attention to improve your acting. At Ovation our private classes are run by our experienced teachers who are all industry professionals. Many actors use private coaching to brush up on their skills without the pressure of a class environment. Students can bring in a script of their own choosing to work on.

Private acting classes are a brilliant way to prepare for an important audition. Sometimes all you need is that critical outside eye to elevate your performance to the next level to help you secure the job. Private coaching is very popular with actors who are preparing to tape a self-test audition. In this way we can prepare you specifically for the audition to help you record the performance you want. All of our acting coaches provide honest feedback to get instant results. We have been having great success with our private coaching. 

We are very proud of our results especially for those actors lucky enough to either get a call back or actually get the job and those that have gone on and had great careers.

This year students work one of the nation’s most in demand acting coaches and director Jamie Harding in a fun, safe and supportive environment and together with our team we will work to provide you with the skills and motivation to achieve your desired goals. Through concentrated and highly structured classes you will receive great advice, direction and support and get immediate feedback throughout and at the end of each session.

COST: $80 per hour.

LOCATION: St. Peters Adelaide SA 

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