Bright Stars (4-9yrs)

Our Bright Stars program has been created from our belief that young children are incredibly talented and proficient learners therefore our course is especially designed to be age appropriate for young children, helping to support and boost their development and learning.

Ovation CPA Bright StarsAbout The Program

Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not a preparation for life, but is life itself”- John Dewey

Young minds are full of information, questions and speculations about the world around them. Ovation provides the most amazing creative, dynamic and fun performing arts program for young children aimed at capturing the joy of early childhood education and discovery through the performing arts.

Ovation CPA Bright Stars

Our Ovation Bright Stars After School Program is a great way to introduce students to the fundamentals of the performing arts and your child will have loads of fun. Developing not only their skills in Acting, but also developing their gross motor skills and gain a foundation of early education in reading and writing, co-ordination, imagination and creativity. There are many social benefits as well, as students will learn what it’s like to be with peers their own age and interact with them socially, gain friendships, confidence and speaking skills which will give any child an amazing boost and fantastic preparation to primary school. Designed together by early childhood learning and performing arts experts, our program provides an encouraging and stimulating learning environment which is supported by our dedicated and highly trained teachers and carers. Our teachers also make sure that all students fully participate and benefit from every class, and that each student receives the individual attention and positive re-enforcement needed to enable personal growth and success.

There is no experience necessary and your child can start today so join us at Ovation and give your child their first start to a life-long journey of enjoyment in education and the performing arts.

Ovation CPA Bright Stars

  • Be Engaging, Fast Paced, Fun, Entertaining and Educational
  • Help children to develop self-regulatory behaviour
  • Allow students the ability to express preferences
  • Will enrich their overall vocabulary and give a deeper meaning to children’s play
  • Students are encouraged to share ideas and words of value in early education
  • Benefit largely from the social interaction
  • Excel at pretendplay and extend imagination and creativity
  • Develop the ability for children to notice, respond and engage in theatre
  • Allow children to become a respectfully engaged audiencemember
  • Provide teachers and students access to a large performing arts resource

Bright Stars Subjects Covered

  • Acting fundamentals
  • Music and acting
  • Develop vocabulary through acting and performance
  • Improvisation and imagination games
  • Creating characters and developing performance skills
  • And many more!

Bright Stars Info

CODE: BSa1             
AGES – 4-9yrs Old
DURATION – 1 hr & 15 mins
TERM LENGTH 10 Weeks (based on School Terms)
CONTACT PERSON – Kristi-Lee Kalendra
Recommended Background: Nil

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